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SAMFund Grants Fall 2023

From Struggle to Triumph: 132 Young Adults Fight Back Against Cancer’s Financial Hurdles

Expect Miracles Foundation [EMF] is proud to announce that 132 young adults were awarded over $245,000 for the Fall 2023 SAMFund Financial Assistance and Family Building grants. SAMFund grants assisted with essential living expenses such as rent or mortgage assistance, car payments, and graduate tuition. They also covered family-building expenses such as IVF, surrogacy, and adoption.

Young adults are often early in their careers, navigating financial independence and working to build a savings account. When hit with a cancer diagnosis, people often need to take time off work and rely on their limited savings to get them through treatment financially. These factors often lead this population into debt at a critical time in their lives, which can continue through survivorship. After treatment, young adults find themselves navigating medication side effects and follow-up medical appointments, often finding it difficult to work at the level they were able to before being diagnosed with cancer. Survivorship can be unexpectedly difficult. EMF’s SAMFund grants help these young adults get back on their feet financially as they reel from the financial toll of cancer.

About SAMFund Grants Fall 2023

EMF provides SAMFund grants in two categories, Financial Assistance and Family Building, to young adult applicants to help regain their financial footing after expensive cancer treatment and move forward towards their goals.

Financial Assistance Grants

Financial Assistance Grants help young adults with major living expenses such as housing, car payments, or graduate and continuing education. 78% of grants awarded this fall will provide housing assistance, generally the most expensive bill for applicants.  The financial impact of cancer treatment can have long-term consequences for young adults, and compared to their peers, young adult cancer survivors may experience lower income, underemployment, lack of insurance and limited future earnings which may lead to a decreased overall quality of life. SAMFund Financial Assistance grants provide a lifeline to young adult survivors by alleviating some financial burden caused by cancer.

Family Building Grants

Family Building Grants provide funding for young adults who need additional support for building their family after cancer treatment, noted to be one of the biggest stressors for survivors in the young adult age category. Grants help supplement the enormous expenses related to fertility treatment, adoption, surrogacy or fertility preservation. EMF is proud to be one of the few organizations that provides financial support for family building costs for young adults after cancer treatment despite this being one of the most pressing concerns for this age group.

SAMFund Mission Impact

Due to the high costs associated with treatment and survivorship, young adults experience financial toxicity at a greater level than any other age group.  With this exciting funding announcement, over 2,300 SAMFund grants have been awarded since 2005, totaling over $3.6 million dollars, helping to alleviate the financial burden resulting from cancer treatment.

Thank you to all of our donors for providing the ongoing support of EMF and our SAMFund grants. Because of your generosity, we are helping young adult cancer survivors build bridges to help them get where they were intended to go before cancer disrupted their lives.

What SAMFund Grant Recipients Say

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