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Welcome to Expect Miracles Foundation [EMF], where the power of collective compassion and unwavering commitment converges to create a profound difference. Since our inception in 1995, we have been tirelessly working to transform lives affected by cancer. With a resolute spirit and a mission to inspire hope, we are proud to have awarded over $21 million in grants to support groundbreaking cancer research and provide financial assistance to those on their journey towards healing following their cancer treatment.

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What Your Donations Fund

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's Center for Experimental Therapeutics in NYC develops nanotechnologies to treat metastatic cancers and to detect disease at early stages. Learn More


Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's Belfer Center in Boston accelerates the next generation of targeted and immune-based therapies and drives clinical trials to improve patients' lives. Learn More


EMF's SAMFund provides hope to young adult cancer survivors, the most vulnerable demographic, through financial assistance grants, helping them regain their financial footing following treatment. Learn More


Stories of Your Impact

Financial Services Cup 2024
Jul 17 2024

Expect Miracles Foundation at Fenway Park 2024

Expect Miracles Foundation at Fenway Park 2024: Supporting another successful year of fundraising, Expect Miracles Foundation presented a check to Dana-Farber Cancer...
Diana Arellano
Jul 08 2024

Diana Arellano

Diana Arellano’s story begins in nursing school, when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Read her story of remarkable resiliency and her brave journey to...
Hannah Groth
May 28 2024

Hannah Groth

Hannah Groth was brimming with excitement about her future at the University of South Florida, where she’d been accepted into the honors college. With a deep interest...
Maggie Dombroski
May 01 2024

NicsaTalk Podcast

Listen to this special episode of the NicsaTalk Podcast where host Justine Phoenix dives deep into the heart of philanthropy and community engagement in the financial...
Expect Miracles Foundation at Fenway Park 2023
Aug 28 2023

Expect Miracles Foundation at Fenway Park 2023

Expect Miracles Foundation at Fenway Park 2023: Supporting another successful year of fundraising, Expect Miracles Foundation presented a check to Dana-Farber Cancer...
Dan Lee Ironman 2023
Jul 24 2023

Dan Lee Ironman 2023

Meet Daniel Lee from Invesco, and read about his courageous effort in raising funds for Expect Miracles Foundation [EMF]’s life-saving mission.

Inside Dr. Daniel Hellers Lab
Feb 02 2023

Inside Dr. Daniel Heller’s Lab

Inside Dr. Heller’s Lab, scientists are developing nanomedicines to target precision agents to disease sites, including to metastatic cancers. EMF’s...
SAMFund Year End Appeal 2023
Dec 07 2022

Samfund Celebration 2022

On Wednesday, 12.7.22 Expect Miracles Foundation celebrated the impact of our Samfund grant program which provides financial assistance to young adult cancer survivors...
Feb 22 2020

Jade Hodge

Meet Samantha Watson, founder of the SAMFund grant program. Learn about the history of the program and growing demand for grants.

Carolyn Crist
Jul 18 2019

Carolyn Crist

Carolyn was living in Athens, Georgia working as a successful freelance journalist when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Read her inspirational story of...
Samantha Fellman
Jul 16 2019

Samantha Fellman

Diana Arellano’s was juggling a full time job, pursuing a degree, and motherhood when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Read her story of remarkable resiliency and...
Annie Flanagan
Jul 11 2019

Annie Flanagan

Annie Flanagan spent their 20s building an impressive career in photojournalism, capturing powerful stories for renowned publications like Time Magazine, and National...

Voices of Impact

Changing Lives Together

Esteemed Board Members

Board members hold industry leadership positions and play a pivotal role in our success. These dedicated individuals bring a wealth of expertise, diverse perspectives, and unwavering commitment to the table. Their passion, leadership, and collective wisdom have empowered EMF to thrive. Learn more on our ABOUT Page.

Corporate Sponsors

EMF corporate sponsors enhance our impact. Firms like Columbia Threadneedle amplify the mission in the fight against cancer through their extensive networks and marketing channels, helping us mobilize a broader audience to the cause. Corporate sponsors enjoy a unique networking and business development platform to do good, entertain clients, strengthen relationships, and demonstrate leadership giving. View 2023 EMF Corporate Sponsors

Miracle Makers

John Hancock executives showing their Miracle Maker pins at Expect Miracles in Manhattan Gala 2023. EMF Miracle Makers give annual leadership gifts that advance our mission. In doing so, they invest in hope, creating a better today and brighter tomorrow for the cancer community. Miracle Makers have the opportunity to designate their donation to the EMF Fund most meaningful to them. Learn More

Cancer Research Hospitals

Top cancer researchers in leading hospitals like Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center are fueling revolutionary life-saving cancer treatments and therapies that improve lives. EMF is proud to award these leading institutions with the resources they need to change lives and the world for better. View 2023 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Belfer Center Annual Report.

SAMFund Grant Recipients

Grant recipients stay active with EMF by participating as grant reviewers, and speaking at our events, sharing their story on the positive impact of receiving a SAMFund grant. For more than 20 years, SAMFund has provided critical financial resources to young adult cancer survivors and to date awarded over 2300 grants. Learn More

Young Professionals

YPEM has groups in Boston and New York City that consist of rising professionals in the financial services industry who are committed to rallying their networks to support the lifesaving mission of Expect Miracles Foundation. These cohorts enjoy a celebrated rivalry at events, as they compete for which city can raise the most funds for the cancer community. See a YPEM Event

Dan Lee Ironman 2023

Individual Donors

Individuals can hold their own personal fundraiser and conduct peer to peer fundraising on behalf of EMF’s mission. We can assist you with creating an online platform to collect donations on the occasion of holding birthday parties, organized work out classes, or competing in athletic events like Ironmans. Read an Individual Donor Story

An Incredible Cohort of Volunteers

Volunteering at golf tournaments and galas for EMF is a remarkable way to make a meaningful impact. By giving their time and energy, volunteers like Jane Morrell and Jean Kelley shown here become an essential part of our mission. Volunteers tell us they experience a profound satisfaction by contributing to a cause that brings hope to countless lives.

A Devoted Staff

In the pursuit of a better tomorrow for cancer patients and their families, EMF staff members work diligently behind the scenes, from organizing fundraising events to managing a range of programs for cancer survivors. Their work is a testament to their deep empathy and connection to the cancer community, and determination to make a difference. Meet the EMF Team

Every dollar we raise brings us closer to a world free from the grip of cancer. But we can’t do it alone. We invite you to join us in this life saving journey. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your story is, you have a place at Expect Miracles Foundation. Cancer knows no boundaries, and neither does our mission. We welcome you to stand alongside us in the fight against cancer.

Make Miracles

Join us in the fight against cancer and be part of the community that is making miracles happen today. Your donation is an investment in our Research and Discovery Funds, which invests in life-saving cancer research, and EMF’s SAMFund, which provides financial assistance for young adult cancer survivors.

Invest in Hope

Corporate sponsors lead our life-saving mission and gain access to influential business networking opportunities at EMF events, which range from galas to golf tournaments and more. As a sponsor you can cultivate relationships in the financial services industry while having a life-changing impact on the cancer community.