Family Building Grant


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Family Building Grants are for cancer survivors seeking assistance with fertility treatment and family building procedures. This is one of the most pressing post treatment concerns for young adult cancer survivors. SAMFund Family Building Grants help applicants who have a detailed and clear plan for the family building process, and also have additional means for managing the expenses associated with their family building plan. These grants provide a bridge for applicants to get to the next point in their family building journey.

Who Gets Prioritized for a SAMFund Family Building Grant?

  • Applicants who are actively engaged in their family building journey and have a detailed and clear plan and timeline.
  • Applicants on track to have an invoice in hand requiring payment within 6 months of receiving a SAMFund Family Building Grant.


What’s Covered

  • Fertility preservation which includes harvesting of eggs and embryos
  • Services for assisted reproductive technologies like IVF or IUI
  • Gestational carrier or surrogacy fees
  • Fertility testing
  • Adoption 

What’s Not Covered

  • Fertility storage fees and Living Expenses (These expenses are covered by the SAMFund Financial Assistance Grant Program)
  • Reimbursement for fertility procedures completed prior to an application being filed.

Got Questions?

Apply for an EMF Samfund Grant


Step 1

Download a medical history verification form and send to your healthcare practitioner for completion. Form can’t be completed greater than 14 days prior to grant opening.

Step 2

If you have not filed taxes in 2022 and or 2023, download and complete a tax affidavit form. Form can’t be completed greater than 14 days prior to grant opening.


Step 3

Apply for an EMF SAMFund grant using our online application.

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