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Join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of young adult cancer survivors as a SAMFund Grant Reviewer. Each Spring and Fall, Expect Miracles Foundation awards grants to young adult cancer survivors who are in need of financial support as a result of their cancer diagnosis. Over 50 volunteers share their time each grant cycle to serve as grant reviewers.

Serving as a Grant Reviewer for EMF’s SAMFund is eye-opening. Living in New York City, it’s easy to get caught up in materialistic things. Reading applications is impactful because you get to know the people who are receiving life-saving grants. I encourage others to apply to become a Grant Reviewer. Reading the stories of applicants puts everything into perspective about what is truly important!

Nameeta Kamath Baxter

Vice President and Product Development Manager, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Get Involved: Apply to be a SAMFund Grant Reviewer

Having a team of grant reviewers provides invaluable support to EMF’s SAMFund program, ensuring that each application is seen by multiple grant reviewers for a thorough and balanced process.

My commitment as a supporter and major donor to Expect Miracles Foundation goes beyond financial contributions. I also serve as a SAMFund grants reviewer. In this capacity, I actively participate in the evaluation process of 11-15 applications submitted by young adult cancer survivors seeking financial assistance grants.

Having immersed myself in this volunteer role, I’ve witnessed firsthand the profound and often devastating impact of the financial challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis. The SAMFund Grants Program, a critical initiative of EMF, serves as a lifeline for young adult cancer survivors, providing crucial financial assistance that eases the burden they face.

While collaborating with fellow grant reviewers, we carefully assess each application and come together in small groups to provide recommendations for funding. This hands-on involvement has deepened my appreciation for the tremendous work the SAMFund grants program does and the tangible difference it makes in the lives of those navigating the financial toxicity of cancer.

By contributing, you become an integral part of sustaining this vital program that serves an often-overlooked population. Together, we can continue to make a meaningful impact and offer a lifeline to young adult cancer survivors in need.

Andy McFetridge

Head of Strategic Relationships and Investment Specialists, John Hancock Investment Management

About the Grant Review Process

Grant Reviewers are assigned to a small group of 3-4 individuals which is led by an experienced reviewer who acts as a facilitator.  Each group is assigned a subset of applications to review, discuss and make recommendations, first individually and then collectively.

For the individual review, each grant reviewer thoughtfully and thoroughly reads their assigned applications according to set criteria and priorities. Each reviewer then enters their review score and feedback into a central portal for consolidation in preparation for a group review held virtually with all group members.

During the group discussions, each application is reviewed. Reviewers each provide a recommendation for funding. While the review can at times be challenging due to the immense need of young adult survivors along with the inability to fund every request due the limitations of our available funding, our reviewers continuously tell us how impactful and meaningful it is to be a part of the reviews.

Once all group reviews are complete, the EMF Programs Team compiles all of the group recommendations to make the final award decisions based on available funding.

Those that volunteer their time to be a grant reviewers are SAMFund grant recipient alums, EMF donors and friends, and members of the cancer community who believe in our mission. Serving as a grant reviewer is a unique way to get involved with EMF and see firsthand how a SAMFund grant can make a life-changing impact in a young person’s life.

Jennie Sheridan

Interested in learning more about becoming a SAMFund grant reviewer? Contact EMF’s Director of Programs Jennie Sheridan at


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