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New SAMFund Logo

We are pleased to announce a new SAMFund logo and a return to our tagline of Surviving and Moving Forward. This rebranding initiative signifies the positive impact our mission has had on countless young adult cancer survivors as they recover from the financial impact following cancer treatment. Since its inception 20 years ago, a remarkable total of 2,300 SAMFund grants have been awarded, amounting to over $3.6 million.

Surviving and Moving Forward [SAMFund] grants serve as a financial bridge to help young adult survivors regain their financial footing after expensive cancer treatment and move forward towards their personal, professional and academic goals.

While the look has been updated, the heart and soul of the SAMFund mission – helping young adult cancer survivors move forward – hasn’t changed.


The redesigned SAMFund logo is an extension of our brand unification work from earlier in 2023. The tag line and arrow brand mark bring a feeling of forward momentum. It captures the spirit of hope, resilience, and progress that defines our grant program. We are confident that this new look will resonate strongly with our target audience, further raising awareness and engagement with our mission.

Frank Heavey

Executive Director, Expect Miracles Foundation

You will start to see the SAMFund brand identity reflected in our communications and outreach efforts. We believe it will enhance our ability to connect with young adult cancer survivors, supporters, and partners alike. Our goal is to leverage this new visual representation to amplify our impact, expand our reach, and foster stronger relationships with stakeholders. This positions us to help more young adults overcome the financial challenges they face after cancer treatment.


If you are a cancer center, hospital, or organization that shares SAMFund news with others, please ensure you are sharing EMF's website link and accurate information on grant eligibility with your audience.

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