2024 Boston Marathon

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Meet the 2024 Boston Marathon Runners

Expect Miracles Foundation [EMF] is proud to be part of the Bank of America Boston Marathon Official Charity Program for the 2024 Boston Marathon. Last year we had four runners on the EMF Running Team and they raised over $55,000. This year, we have 10 runners! EMF is looking forward to once again contributing by raising funds for our life-saving and life-changing mission. Let’s meet the 2024 Boston Marathon runners for EMF!

2024 Boston Marathon Race Results

Congratulations and thank you to EMF’s 10 dedicated runners in the 2024 Boston Marathon: Christina Abossedgh, Nick Ball, Alexander Csik, Renee Dorn, Laura Giesler, Scott Kilgallen, Danielle Morrison, Andrew Schlueter, Jennie Sheridan, and Tracy Wills-Zapata. Together, they raised over $162,000 for our life-saving and life-changing mission for the cancer community! We are grateful for their incredible commitment and effort.

The EMF Running Team

Meet the 2024 Boston Marathon Runners
“The mission of EMF to support young adult cancer survivors and cutting-edge cancer research is personal. My family was profoundly affected by cancer, as three of my four siblings were diagnosed during their young adult years. I am acutely aware of the long-lasting impacts of cancer, and know that the SAMFund grants we provide to young adult survivors and the grants we provide to DFCI and MSK for research are of critical importance. I am honored to run on behalf of EMF so we can continue our support of these funds to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young adults and cancer patients, and to provide hope.”
Jennie Sheridan

Director of Programs, Expect Miracles Foundation

Meet the 2024 Boston Marathon Runners

“My husband continues in his fight, since November 2022, against Pancreatic Cancer. He is the strongest person I know. We want to help others in their fight. We have an amazing team that got us here and Boston is just one way of being thankful and staying strong. I also qualified in 2006 and never ran so Boston has been on my bucket list!”

Tracy Wills-Zapata

Executive Vice President & Head of Alternative Sales, PIMCO

Meet the 2024 Boston Marathon Runners
“Cancer takes more than just a physical toll on your body. It can threaten the roof over your head. EMF’s SAMFund helps to counter this through grants to cancer survivors and I am immensely proud to be supporting such an incredible program.”
Alexander Csik

Compliance Officer, Goldman Sachs

Meet the 2024 Boston Marathon Runners

“Cancer tried to get me twice and we kicked it to the curb. Before beginning chemo for breast cancer in 2020, my husband and I decided to freeze embryos. After chemo, we were ready to grow our family and Expect Miracles Foundation and the SAMFund made it possible with a grant to cover some of our expenses. Unfortunately, IVF did not work for us, but God had an even bigger plan in mind. We are now a family of four, with a beautiful 7 year old daughter and a perfect little boy born March 17, 2023 on St Patrick’s Day. I’m proudly running for Expect Miracles Foundation for all the young cancer survivors that think having a family after cancer isn’t possible.”

Laura Giesler

Clinical Research Study Manager/Certified Athletic Trainer, ICON Clinical Research

Meet the 2024 Boston Marathon Runners
“Both my mother and father in law beat cancer this year. I am running for EMF because I am so thankful for the cancer research that helped save their lives!”
Danielle Morrison

Director, Strategic Relationships, Thornburg Investment Management

Meet the 2024 Boston Marathon Runners
“I’ve seen cancer intercede in the lives of the most exuberant and inspiring people. I’ve seen the impact it has on their families, and the need for understanding and support as they navigate an unknowable, difficult situation. And it bothers me that I can’t get out there and do the research myself and try to be the problem solver that I am in so many other aspects of my life. But EMF can. EMF can put much needed resources in the hands of those that can effectuate change and help those that need it most. I may not be able to pick up a lab coat in search of information and a cure, but I can run a marathon with that goal in mind. I’m so very proud to team up with people like me – professionals in finance – and work toward the common goal to help those impacted by cancer.”
Christina Abossedgh

Senior Compliance Officer, ED/VP, Goldman Sachs

Meet the 2024 Boston Marathon Runners
“I believe that EMF’s cause and hope that they bring can help alleviate a lot of stress for those needing our help and am delighted to support them while challenging myself!”
Nick Ball

Senior Lead Business Execution Consultant, Wells Fargo

Meet the 2024 Boston Marathon Runners
“From a young age, I have watched cancer wreck havoc on friends & family. One of my favorite aunts was young, vibrant, and beautiful, but gone in a flash, leaving behind two young daughters. Cancer has touched five other aunts, an uncle, great grandmother, and multiple cousins. My daughter was first exposed to her own young mortality when her soccer teammate was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia. She continues to bravely fight. My mother-in-law has a less aggressive form of leukemia, yet it still takes a toll on her physically and emotionally. And recently, my beloved mentor and friend began her fight against lymphoma. Running became my coping mechanism back in 2016. It’s the time that I have to myself, in nature, to find peace amongst all of the chaos. I am honored to run the 128th Boston Marathon in honor of all of the brave cancer warriors.”
Renee Dorn

Portfolio Specialist, Allspring Global Investments

Meet the 2024 Boston Marathon Runners

“I am running the Boston Marathon in memory of not only my mother in law, but also to show support of friends and co-workers currently battling cancer.”

Andy Schlueter

Senior Vice President, Head of Investment Operations Support, Voya Investment Management

Meet the 2024 Boston Marathon Runners
“You’re lucky if you haven’t known someone that has been lost to or recovering from cancer and anything we can do to help prevent future cases is a worthy cause.”
Scott Kilgallen

Managing Director, Neuberger Berman

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