2023 Boston Marathon

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2023 Boston Marathon

Expect Miracles Foundation is proud to be an official Partner of John Hancock in its Marathon Non-Profit Program. Through this program, John Hancock helps foster healthier, more equitable communities by annually donating 1,000 Boston Marathon® entries to select non-profit organizations who use them for fundraising. Last year, John Hancock Non-Profit Runners raised $11.7M for their causes.

2023 Boston Marathon Highlights

Congratulations and thank you to Expect Miracles Foundation’s four 2023 Boston Marathon runners. Together, Frank Heavey, Madeline Forrester, James Kraunelis, and Phil Schachter raised over $55K for our life-saving and life-changing mission. We are grateful for their incredible commitment and effort to run 26.2 miles and the impact they have had on the cancer community!

Meet the EMF Runners

2023 Boston Marathon

“I’m excited to be running the Boston Marathon, a historic event that is associated with equality in sports. I’m choosing to take on this challenge, but cancer is a huge challenge that people don’t choose. Having seen friends and family struggle, I’m delighted to be running to support Expect Miracles Foundation’s life-saving and life-changing mission.”

Madeline Forrester

Senior Managing Director & Head of Global Consultant Relations, MFS International

2023 Boston Marathon

“I am running the Boston Marathon for all those in my life that have been affected by cancer. I am running to be one small part in the fight against it and proudly support the mission of Expect Miracles Foundation.”

James Kraunelis

Deals Senior Associate, Financial Due Diligence, PricewaterhouseCoopers

2023 Boston Marathon

“The Boston Marathon is the ultimate race for all runners, whether you’re a first-timer or a 5-time Marathon Finisher like me (4 NYC, 1 Chicago). Our family has been affected by this awful disease (losing my Dad at 47, the same age I am now.) I fundraise for every marathon I run, and Boston is the perfect challenge for me!”

Phil Schachter

Principal, Panorama Staffing LLC

“I know what hope means for a family facing cancer. I’m running the Boston Marathon to raise critical funds for EMF’s cancer research funds and for EMF’s SAMFund grant program which provides financial assistance for young adult cancer survivors. I’m running so that others may have hope.”

Frank Heavey

Executive Director, Expect Miracles Foundation

Make Miracles

Join us in the fight against cancer and be part of the community that is making miracles happen today. Your donation is an investment in our Innovation and Discovery Funds, which invests in life-saving cancer research, and EMF's SAMFund, which provides financial assistance for young adult cancer survivors.

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Corporate sponsors lead our life-saving mission and gain access to influential business networking opportunities at EMF events, which range from galas to golf tournaments and more. As a sponsor you can cultivate relationships in the financial services industry while having a life-changing impact on the cancer community.