Voices of Hope 2009

A Night of Hope
The inaugural Voices of Hope theatre production was a huge success grossing over $25,000 to date for the Expect Miracles Foundation — the fundraising arm of Mutual Funds Against Cancer! The show, which sold out in just days, was a cabaret style production built by a talented cast of performers led by Greg Chastain whose own personal story inspired the show.

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The majority of the remaining cast members have been directly or indirectly affected by cancer, as well. There were tears of joy and sadness in the audience as the artists took to the stage. Cast members shared their stories of hope, loss and courage through dance, music, and testimonials. In addition to the show itself, there was an exciting cocktail reception and silent auction containing items such as Red Sox tickets, ski vacations, fine jewelry and more! The auction raised nearly $5,000.

Due the outpouring of those touched by the show and the success of the event, we are already planning on moving the 2010 show from Winchester to a larger venue in Boston!

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Here's What People Are Saying About The Show

“It was especially heart-breaking to hear the stories and think about our loved ones who have lost the battle with cancer. It made me think of my cousin, Rhoda, who was only 15 when she died of brain cancer. She was the only child of my aunt and uncle and so it was very hard for them. I was only a few years younger than she was at the time but I remember all the wonderful care and love she got at Children's Hospital.

I was very encouraged by Ben's personal odyssey with colon and liver cancer and his willingness to share his story with us. It is amazing and wonderful that he is now 18 years cancer free. Stories like his and some of the others give inspiration to us that cancer is not always a death sentence. I think today how far we have come in our fight against cancer and how many more folks are alive today because of the treatments now available. We still have a long road to go down but I feel that efforts like yours will truly bring us to our destination of more treatments and cures that much sooner.”
- Roberta Gerson, Interactive Data

“Hi Rabbi Baker- I'd just like to congratulate you and say what an amazing job you did last night on your performance. I truly thought you contributed to a beautiful and touching show. It opened me up to a world I thought I knew so much about, and that I had heard stories about-- but that never came close to touching me in the same way your show did last night. I found that it put into perspective everything I had heard in the past that had just been pictures, or words read off a piece of paper-- and it made them into real people sharing real emotions, placing right in front of me their own lives. I think this striking reality touched me the most. Thank you, Rabbi Baker, for opening me up to a world that I know will affect the way I perceive the word 'cancer,' as well as the way I cherish and spend life, from now on.”
- Kobi, a 10th grader who attended the performance

We would also like to thank the cast for an amazing performance:

Wendy Baisley
Marc Baker
Hillary Brooks
Michele Brown
Greg Chastain
Jean Chastain
Michael Consoli
Amy Czaenowski
Suellen Devito
Kim Baker Donahue
Allison Donahue
April Foley
Robert Hallisey

Gary and Cara Kane
Steve Longo
Rich Meservey
Ann McCoy
Rich Mutkoski
Janine Myers
Tracy Nygard
Dana Siegal
Ed Siegal
Hugh Thompson
Kathleen Wackowski
June Wulff
Sandra Vitti

For More Information Please Contact:
Christina Thirkell
Executive Director, The Expect Miracles Foundation

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