When can I apply for a Samfund Grant?

There are 4 grant periods in a year that occur in the following months:

January: Financial Assistance Grant
March: Family Building Grant
July: Financial Assistance Grant
September: Family Building Grant

What requests are eligible for Family Building Grant funding?
  • Adoption
  • IVF
  • IUI
  • Surrogacy (traditional or gestational)
What requests are not eligible for Family Building Grant funding?
  • Egg, Embryo or Sperm Storage (instead, apply
    during our Main Grant cycle)
  • Living expenses (instead, apply during our Main
    Grant cycle)
What is the average grant size?
  • Financial Assistance Grants $1,500-$2,000
  • Family Building Grants $2,500-$4,000
What forms will be required in the application?

The forms needed to complete an application are
available for download on our website and include:

A Medical History Verification Form signed by any
licensed practitioner that can verify your cancer
diagnosis (e.g., doctor, nurse, social worker, patient
navigator). Electronic signatures are accepted.

Recent Tax Forms, or an Affidavit Tax Form stating
you have not filed taxes in either, or both, of the
past two years. Electronic signatures are accepted.

Do the supporting forms have to be submitted by the application deadline?
Yes, tax forms or the affidavit (if applicable) and medical history verification form should be submitted for the application to be complete. We recommend sending the medical history form to your practitioner as a first step to ensure there is enough time to get it completed prior to the deadline.
Do I have to complete the application in one sitting?
No, you can save and come back to it. Be sure to click “save and next” at the end of each page that has been completed so it saves for when you return to complete the application.
What is your privacy policy for applications?
We respect and uphold the privacy of each applicant. All information gathered through grant applications is kept secure and confidential.
How many times can I receive a grant?
A maximum of 3 times.
What requests are eligible for Financial Assistance Grant funding?
  • Car Payments / Repairs
  • Graduate Tuition, Continuing Education, or Vocational Training
  • Cosmetic, Dental, or Reconstructive Procedures
  • Egg, Embryo or Sperm Storage
  • Rent/Mortgage Supplementation
  • Single Bill Payment (i.e., a one-time bill payment for outstanding utilities, taxes, or legal bills)
What requests are not eligible for Main Grant funding?
  • Payments to friends or family members
  • Undergraduate Tuition
  • Medical Bills
  • Purchasing a Car
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Weddings
  • Vacations
If I pay rent or mortgage to a third party, such as a relative, can I still apply?

Yes, however, we do not pay relatives directly.

We would send payment to a landlord or a
mortgage lender on their behalf.

What is EMF looking for in an applicant?

EMF is looking for applicants that can describe:

  • How their cancer experience has
    adversely impacted their current financial
  • Specifics on how becoming a grant
    recipient will create a bridge to a brighter
How do the required forms need to be completed?
Forms can be completed electronically and electronic signatures are accepted. Forms can also be printed, scanned, and uploaded to the portal, or can be faxed to 1-866-496-8070. Photos of completed forms are also accepted.
If I have received a grant previously, can you use the forms that were submitted with that application?
No, we require updated and current forms to be completed and submitted with each application.
What percentage of applications are funded in each grant cycle?
Approximately 50%
Can I receive funding for a Main Grant and a Family Building Grant in the same grant cycle?
No, you can only receive funding for one grant per year.
After applying, when will I receive a grant?

After the application closes, it will take approximately 10-11 weeks for applicants to be notified of grant status and for first payments to be sent out.

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