October 22, 2019

On October 22, 2019, on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, over 100 financial executives gathered for Expect Miracles Foundation's 25th Anniversary Celebration, hosted by ICE Data Services. Over 40 firms were represented at the event in support of Expect Miracles Foundation’s life-saving mission. This exclusive event was chance to celebrate the financial services industry's impact on cancer research, and give our supporters the opportunity to learn about The Samfund, our new financial assistance program for young adult cancer survivors.

After sampling delicious food stations and creative cocktails, guests turned their attention to the stage for the evening’s speaking program. Expect Miracles Foundation’s Director, Mark Heckert Chief Product Officer at ICE Data Services greeted the crowd and welcomed everyone to the New York Stock Exchange in honor of Expect Miracles Foundation’s 25th year. He reminded guests that Expect Miracles Foundation focuses not only on the CURE side of cancer, but also on the CARE. Heckert then introduced the Founder and Chairman of Expect Miracles Foundation and Managing Director at Accenture, Frank Strauss.

Strauss took the stage and thanked ICE Data Services for its leadership and commitment for over a dozen years, and to all those attending for their support.  He explained because of the generosity and leadership of the guests and their firms, Expect Miracles Foundation has been able to raise 18 million dollars over 25 years. He went on to thank the major donors, Miracle Makers, for their support in helping Expect Miracles Foundation achieve another record year of impact, rewarding grants totaling over 1.85 million dollars in the 2019 year.

 Next, Executive Director of Expect Miracles Foundation, Frank Heavey, took the stage to remind guests of our mission and why being at the event is so important. He spoke of the life-saving research being done at both Dana Farber’s Belfer Center and through Dr. Daniel Heller at Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Center for Experimental Therapeutics. These collaborative research centers focus on four of the greatest challenges in cancer science: early detection, real-time prognosis, drug-resistant cancer, and metastatic cancer. Heavey shared that our funding assisted in the development of a new drug, Tagrisso, used to treat a rare form of lung cancer. He then introduced the first guest speaker of the night, Dan Lee from Invesco.

Lee was welcomed to the stage and shared that in March of 2018 his mother, a non-smoker, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Memorial Sloan Kettering put his mother on Tagrisso and she is now alive and well because of it. She was able to dance with Lee at his wedding and now holds the new title of “Nana” to his new daughter. Lee said that his mother is living proof of Expect Miracles Foundation’s great work.

 Heavey returned to the stage and explained while the organization strives for everyone to become cancer-free we also recognize that cancer isn’t free. He spoke of the newest program of Expect Miracles Foundation, The Samfund. The Samfund awards grants to young adult cancer survivors who are struggling financially due to their diagnosis. Heavey introduced the Managing Director of Stewardship of Expect Miracles Foundation, and Founder of The Samfund, Sam Watson.  Watson shared that she started the organization after her own battle with cancer as a young adult. The program has since awarded 2 million dollars in various grants. She emphasized that the guest’s continued support would make a large difference in the lives of people impacted by cancer. Watson introduced Michelle Barrera, a previous grant recipient from The Samfund.

 Barrera was welcomed to the podium and shared how the cost of cancer impacted her life years after being diagnosed. After battling Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 15 years old, she later found a job that did not offer health insurance. Due to her medical history she was forced to buy into an insurance plan. The insurance plan cost her so much money she was unable to do anything but work. With a grant from The Samfund covering the costs of her insurance, she was able to get her own apartment and see the world. Barrera told the guests that the grants make a drastic difference in young adult cancer survivor’s life, no matter how big or small they may be.

Heavey returned to the stage for a final time to welcome Expect Miracles Foundation’s Director and Head of Global Relationship Management at ICE Data Services, Ed Addvensky, to the podium. Ed thanked everyone for attending the event, and for their support of Expect Miracles Foundation. He encouraged everyone to continue their efforts in supporting our life-saving and life-changing mission urging both companies and individuals to get involved.

Expect Miracles Foundation is extremely grateful for the support of all of guests, and to ICE Data Services for hosting such an incredible event! We hope to see you on November 14 for our 16th Annual Wine & Spirits Event in Boston, MA!





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