Miracle Maker Leadership Council

Expect Miracles Foundation and its Miracle Maker Leadership Council (MMLC) proudly presented the 2012 MMLC Funding Awards at the MMLC Cocktail Reception on May 3rd at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston. The reception was held exclusively for MMLC members and their guests and was a chance to celebrate the Council's first funding cycle. Three charitable organizations, Friends of Julie, the Joe Andruzzi Foundation, and The SAMFund, received 2012 Funding Awards from the MMLC in support of their efforts in the war on cancer.

Expect Miracles Foundation board members and MMLC co-chairs Don DeBolt, Vice President of Business Development for Data Communique, and Ken Starr, Vice President, Interactive Data Corp., presented the awards at last evening’s event.

“Our heartfelt congratulations to the recipients of the first annual MMLC Funding Awards,” said Frank Strauss, Chairman and Founder, Expect Miracles Foundation. “We are delighted to provide our support to organizations whose work clearly complements that of the Expect Miracles Foundation. We applaud their efforts on behalf of cancer patients, cancer survivors and their families.”

Representatives from the recipient organizations were on hand to receive the awards.



In selecting the award recipients, MMLC members gave priority to initiatives demonstrating sustainable benefits to the communities where Expect Miracles Foundation events are held and Foundation supporters and MMLC members live. They also focused on being able to materially impact an organization or a specific program of an organization, and also looked for initiatives that complement the Foundation’s mission.

“The MMLC program is not designed to assist in funding large institutional or national entities,” said Starr. “Our focus is on smaller organizations founded here in our communities that work to make meaningful change in the lives of those affected by cancer. It’s gratifying to lend our support and we are confident it will aid in their continued success.”

“We established the MMLC to further strengthen the Expect Miracles Foundation's position as the industry's leading advocate in the war on cancer through financial support, example and leadership,” added Strauss. “With the completion of the first annual award program, the MMLC has proven to be a resounding success. We thank the MMLC members for their individual generosity and commitment to the program.”

The MMLC is a select group of current and future leaders in the financial community whose mission is to direct funding to cancer fighting causes and patient care programs where such support is not always readily available. The MMLC is funded through individual contributions from MMLC members who annually select recipients of the funding awards.To learn how you can join the Council, please contact Christina Thirkell, Executive Director, Expect Miracles Foundation at cthirkell@expectmiraclesfoundation.org or 617.515.3241.





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