II Awards 2007

Recognized at the 14th Annual Mutual Funds Industry Awards Gala, Mutual Funds Against Cancer Raises Over $80,000.00.

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The highlight of the evening was from Lance Armstrong who eloquently delivered a powerful message on behalf of MFAC. Following Lance's video was an exciting auction that raised nearly $30,000. Auction items included; diamond necklace from Longs Jewelers, 2 Sets of Red Sox-Yankee Monster seats, Key Largo Private Club Weekend Golf Getaway, Lance Armstrong signed Framed Discovery Jersey and a Nantucket Golf Private Jet Package.


LanceMFAC was elated to be recognized at the 14th Annual Mutual Fund Industry Awards Gala hosted by Institutional Investor's News on March 8th at the Ritz Carlton in NYC. The sold out event was filled with over 475 industry luminaries coupled with an awards dinner that included a segment dedicated to MFAC. MFAC Founder and Chairman, Frank Strauss addressed his peers and presented an overview on MFAC's organization. He challenged the industry to ‘invest for the cure’ specifically by taking an existing employee or customer events and adding to it a fund-raising component.

“Institutional Investor News was thrilled to have Mutual Funds Against Cancer participating in the Mutual Fund Industry Awards ‘There's a natural affinity between MFAC and the awards, and we were excited to be able to help raise awareness of this important cause with the most senior players in the industry.”
—Tracey Redmond, Director of Institutional Investor Events

MFAC wrapped up the evening with an individual donation program that raised over $50,000 for cancer research. Over 200 attendees donated generously and received a custom MFAC Vineyard Vines Tie in appreciation for their contribution.

MFAC was honored to receive this recognition as well as the opportunity to outreach to a broader, geographical audience within the financial community. A special thank you to American Century Investments for their contribution to MFAC's evening program and to all the attendees who made it a night to remember. More details visit www.iievents.com

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