Financial Literacy for Young Adult Cancer Survivors


Expect Miracles Foundation is excited to announce a brand new collaboration with Bridges to Wealth at the Netter Center for Community Partnerships at the University of Pennsylvania. Together, the organizations will be uniquely tailoring Bridges to Wealth’s signature financial literacy program—designed primarily to close the wealth gap by teaching financial literacy skills to high school students and their parents/guardians—to aid young adult survivors as they navigate the financial aftermath of  cancer. 

After years of supporting the young adult cancer community financially through the Samfund Grants program—designed to help survivors pay for medical expenses, afford rent/mortgage, and even purchase groceries—Expect Miracles has observed a crucial gap in financial literacy. For many, managing basic, daily expenses is difficult. Because having cancer is so costly, many are left with little to no money at all. And with no savings, they’re often unsure of how to plan for their long-term financial health. 


Founder of The Samfund and Managing Director of Stewardship, Samantha Watson, is hopeful that this new program, Financial Literacy for Young Adult Cancer Survivors, will provide imperative assistance to the cancer community.


“So many financial decisions during and after cancer treatment are made on the fly, out of panic, and with little guidance. As a result, young adults struggle to catch up for years or even decades. Our Samfund grants provide short-term relief to aid more acute financial distress. With this new program, we hope young adults will finally feel supported in the long-term—equipped with powerful financial knowledge for the future.”


The goal of this partnership is to empower the cancer community to make more informed money decisions. By arming survivors and their networks with pertinent financial information, they can better plan for their futures. 


Jill Bazelon, PhD, Director of Bridges to Wealth, is eager to collaborate and reach more people in need. 


“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Expect Miracles Foundation to bring financial empowerment education and opportunity to patients as they navigate the emotional and financial toll of illness and recovery. Our virtual workshops will reach community members throughout the country, providing the information and resources necessary to build wealth for the future and address challenges like medical debt.”


A deeply comprehensive program, Financial Literacy for Young Adult Survivors will cover a wide variety of topics. From more basic financial information to cancer-specific advice, course subjects will include:


- Budgeting

- Managing debt 

- Financing large purchases

- Recovering from bankruptcy 

- Investing


This program is free of cost and open to anyone who identifies as part of the young adult community (survivor, caregiver, etc.). There will be four quarterly cohorts of 6 sessions, each involving 50 participants. All sessions will be online and recorded for those who cannot attend live. Additionally, the program will feature one-on-one coaching components for those who have individual questions or are in need of supplementary support. 


Expect Miracles Foundation is delighted to collaborate with Bridges to Wealth and eager to watch more of the young adult cancer survivor community regain autonomy and look forward to both a better today and a brighter tomorrow. 



Expect Miracles will be periodically publishing updates about this program on their website and social media channels. For more information about new partnerships, resources, or updates on the Foundation’s impact, subscribe to their quarterly newsletter. 




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