Boston Marathon Featured Runner - Frank Heavey

Boston Marathon Featured Runner - Frank Heavey

Running the Boston Marathon was a profound experience in so many different ways - the distance, the crowds, the energy and support, and, of course, the weather.  Between dodging ankle-deep puddles and hypothermic walkers, I tried to focus my thoughts on the incredible teamwork that is required to host a marathon, to run a marathon, and of course, to save a life by curing cancer. 

I had but one job on Marathon Monday, and that was to just keep running. I knew it was going to be hard because my left IT band had prevented me from running the last 3 weeks.  When I awoke to snow on the ground, I realized the day was going to be more challenging than I had ever imagined.  Heeding the sagacious advice of many friends, I stayed as warm as possible before the race; the rain was steady but not bad.  When I approached the starting line, the heavens opened up and the crowd collectively laugh as if to say, "Really? You're going to make this even harder?"  It was the type of downpour that forces you to pull your car over to the side of the road because your wipers can't keep up. 

I kept my focus on why I was running and that served as incredible motivation to not stop. I kept thinking of the importance of every player on a team, how every teammate has a critical role to play in the success of the team, how no one can accomplish anything of merit on their own, but how by working as a team anything is possible - even expecting miracles!  

Curing cancer is much like hosting a marathon and running a marathon.  It takes immense teamwork, passion, faith and good old hard work! I am so blown away by your wonderful financial support, your words of encouragement, your courage to make sacrifices, and your shared desire to get us all to the day when we routinely expect miracles.   

Thanks to your incredible generosity, I raised over $29,000 for Expect Miracles Foundation and the fight against cancer!  Thank you!! I am so sincerely grateful!!

YOU are the Cure!! 

Be well.

Best regards,


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