A Decade of Leading the Financial Services Industry’s Fight Against Cancer - Celebrating ICE Data Services for 10 years as Foundation Sponsor

A Decade of Leading the Financial Services Industry’s Fight Against Cancer - Celebrating ICE Data Services for 10 years as Foundation Sponsor

Leaders lead. Just as ICE Data Services is a leading provider of proprietary market data from a dozen exchanges worldwide, together with indices, fixed-income evaluations and reference data, the company and its employees demonstrate their proclivity to lead when it comes to the financial industry’s fight against cancer.

When the history of Expect Miracles Foundation is written years from now, the year 2007 will be remembered as the second most significant date in the charity’s history after 1995, the year when Frank Strauss first brought together about 50 family members and friends, many from the financial services industry, for a golf tournament and raised $5,800 for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Jimmy Fund.

In 2007, the organization, until then known as Mutual Funds Against Cancer, formerly became the public charity, Expect Miracles Foundation. Also in that year, the Foundation’s Board of Directors, desiring to focus its support where the greatest impact could be achieved, decided to support a new and revolutionary model of research and development at Dana-Farber, the Robert and Renée Belfer Center for Applied Cancer Science. Using a collaborative research approach that brings together resources from academia and the biomedical industry, the Belfer Center’s mission is to hasten the time it takes to bring new life-saving therapies to patients.

Over the next ten years, the Belfer Center proved the new model worked quite well, with new discoveries being translated into patient therapies in record time, such as the lung cancer drug, Tagrisso, which took just 2.5 years to get to patients, compared to what had been the standard 10-12 years for drug development in the past. Other major research hospitals recognized the benefit of this collaborative model and have created similar labs as the Belfer Center.

The third, and possibly the most significant development of 2007 had to do with the most essential element in the success of cancer research – funding. Without philanthropy, research simply does not advance. In 2007, ICE Data Services, then known as Interactive Data, made the seminal decision to lead the financial services industry’s fight against cancer as the lead sponsor, the Foundation Sponsor, of Expect Miracles Foundation. Since then, with ICE Data Services leading our mission of rallying the financial industry to fight cancer, Expect Miracles has raised over $11 million. The leadership that ICE Data Services exhibits as a company is reflected in its employees. ICE has the most employees on the Miracle Maker Leadership Council, the Foundation’s group of major donors.

At the sold-out 4th Annual Expect Miracles in Manhattan charity event on February 1, attended by over 550 senior executives from over 100 of the top firms in the financial services industry, Expect Miracles Foundation’s Executive Director, Frank Heavey, presented Lynn Martin, President & Chief Operating Officer of ICE Data Services, with a special recognition award, saying, “On behalf of the thousands of patients that have benefited from the new therapies, the new testing models, and the new diagnostic technology we have helped fund over the past decade, we are profoundly grateful for ICE Data Services’ leadership.”

In accepting the award, Martin stated, “ICE Data Services is proud to stand with the financial industry in sponsoring Expect Miracles Foundation and its essential work in fighting cancer through research and patient care. We share the Foundation’s vision that the collective power of the financial industry will help bring about a day when all cancers have a cure. We at ICE Data Services are honored to be part of the effort.”

(L to R: Frank Heavey and Lynn Martin)

During her speech, Martin acknowledged the efforts of her colleagues Mark Heckert and Ed Addvensky, currently members of the Board of Directors of Expect Miracles Foundation, as well as that of Ken Starr, a Director Emeritus of the Foundation, who was instrumental in creating the Foundation’s Miracle Maker Leadership Council in 2010. 

“Working with colleagues in the financial services community to pursue a cure for cancer and provide care for those afflicted by this horrible disease was an easy decision for me.  There are very few organizations that take this unique approach and I am proud to be associated with it,” said Ed Addvensky, Senior Director at ICE Data Services.

(L to R: Mark and Wendy Heckert, Jon Parisi, Ed Addvensky of ICE Data Services)

(L to R: Adam Kacamburas, Mark Heckert, Ken Starr, all of ICE Data Services)

(L to R: Joliannah Dart, ICE Data Services, and Mike Kardok, Natixis Global Asset Management)

Reflecting on a decade of support, Frank Strauss, Chairman of Expect Miracles Foundation (pictured above), said, “The markets have experienced tremendous change during the past 10 years, but ICE Data Services’ commitment to leading the industry in our collective fight against cancer has remained steadfast.”

Investing in the markets is very similar to investing in cancer research in that to get the most out of the investment, you have to be invested for the long term. Expect Miracles Foundation is profoundly grateful for ICE Data Services’ vision, commitment and leadership in investing in our mission to rally the financial services industry to invest in life-saving cancer research and advance patient care programs nationwide. Thank you for a decade of your leadership. YOU are the Cure.

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