A Closer Look at What You Supported | MMLC Spotlight | Purple Songs Can Fly

A Closer Look at What You Supported | MMLC Spotlight | Purple Songs Can Fly

The Miracle Maker Leadership Council (MMLC) is comprised of Expect Miracles Foundation’s major donor circles. It is a select group of leaders in the financial industry who lead the Foundation’s mission to provide impact funding to life-saving cancer research and patient care programs.

The members of the MMLC provide Funding Awards annually to patient care programs nationwide. MMLC Members discuss and deliberate on applications, and Members vote for which charities should receive funding. The grantees and all MMLC members are invited to a Funding Award Celebration where the grants are distributed to the recipient charities.

In 2017, Expect Miracles Foundation awarded an MMLC Funding Award of $10,000 to Texas based non-profit Purple Songs Can Fly to fund an initiative to provide pediatric cancer patients the opportunity to write, record, and share lullabies for infants and toddlers with cancer. Recently, the CD was completed and distributed. The grant was used to produce 2,500 CDs, each featuring 12 songs written and recorded by participants in the program, ages 4 through 18. (Keep reading and you can listen to the CD at the bottom of this post!)

Purple Songs Can Fly’s mission is to positively affect the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their families through the writing, recording, and sharing of their original songs. The CDs will be distributed for free to admitted patients ages 0-3 and their families, and the remaining will be sold in gift shops across the Texas Children’s Hospital system. The goal is for everyone to be able to experience the calming and healing power of music, whether that is through creating it or listening to it.

Pediatric patients at Texas Children’s Hospital work on writing with a songwriter and are then able to record at the in-hospital recording studio. If they are unable to make it to the studio, they can also record bedside with a portable recording studio. The service is completely free of charge and open to all pediatric cancer or hematology patients. Program Coordinator John Singer states, “It has been so wonderful to see them come up with their inspired topics and soothing words, from imagining a peaceful dream in a meadow, to the sound of a heart at peace, and God all around us, each lullaby has a beautiful message of hope.”

Thank you to all members of the Miracle Maker Leadership Council for your continued leadership and support of our mission to make this grant possible.

Please take a moment to listen to Purple Songs Can Fly’s Purple Lullabies: Compilation 1 below

Artist Name - 1-Waves-to-the-Moon.m4a
Artist Name - 2-Imagining.m4a
Artist Name - 3-The-Meadow-1.m4a
Artist Name - 4-God-is-All-Around-Us.m4a
Artist Name - 5-Believe.m4a
Artist Name - 6-La-Da-Ta-Da.m4a
Artist Name - 7-The-Boom-Boom-Boom.m4a
Artist Name - 8-Sweet-Sounds.m4a
Artist Name - 9-I-Love-You-My-Child.m4a
Artist Name - 10-Love.m4a
Artist Name - 11-Prayers-For-You.m4a
Artist Name - 12-A-Heart-At-Peace.m4a

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