Crowdfunding to Afford Cancer


Young adults have always been a unique segment of the cancer community. The obstacles they endure during and after cancer treatment are unique and specific to their age and life stage, and are still sorely under researched and underrepresented. Given our focus on the financial aftermath of young adult cancer, our team recently teamed up with Lauren V. Ghazal PhD, FNP-BC at the University of Michigan and Sheila J. Santacroce  PHD, RN, CPNP at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to examine the emergence of crowdfunding as a strategy for covering medical and other daily living expenses. Namely, we investigated the ways in which crowdfunding often causes and exacerbates stigma and magnifies feelings of shame, and questioned why it has become increasingly necessary, especially for cancer survivors.


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Financial Literacy for Young Adult Cancer Survivors


Expect Miracles Foundation is excited to announce a brand new collaboration with Bridges to Wealth at the Netter Center for Community Partnerships at the University of Pennsylvania. Together, the organizations will be uniquely tailoring Bridges to Wealth’s signature financial literacy program—designed primarily to close the wealth gap by teaching financial literacy skills to high school students and their parents/guardians—to aid young adult survivors as they navigate the financial aftermath of  cancer. 

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Five New Members Join Expect Miracles Foundation's Board in 2022


Expect Miracles Foundation is proud to announce the appointment of five new members to its Board of Directors in 2022. The Foundation is incredibly excited to continue to expand and welcome new leadership—all in support of the cancer community.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Kate Sievers


Our grant reviewers are integral to the work we do for the young adult cancer community.


After each grant cycle, our volunteers gather together (virtually) to review and discuss submitted applications—thanks to them, we’re able to both better evaluate the numerous applications we receive and fund more grants. Oftentimes cancer survivors themselves, our reviewers contribute incredibly important insights and perspectives and help us to better support the young adult community.

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