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The 4th Annual Expect Miracles Awards, sponsored by American Century Investments, were presented at Institutional Investor’s 20th Anniversary Mutual Fund Industry Awards, where Expect Miracles Foundation was selected as “Charity of Choice” for the seventh year. These prestigious awards are presented annually to individuals and firms within the financial community who have demonstrated outstanding support, commitment, and dedication to the fight against cancer. The caliber of nominations for the 2013 Awards was phenomenal, prompting the distribution of the James E. Stowers Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award for the first time since 2010.

The Expect Miracles Awards Selection Committee is comprised of leading business professionals who are active in the philanthropic community. To uphold the spirit of the Expect Miracles Awards, these individuals are unaffiliated with and independent of Expect Miracles Foundation and American Century Investments. Recognizing the diverse range and nature of the nominees' work in the fight against cancer, all nominations are judged on a standard set of criteria for each category to select the final honorees.

A video message from Jonathan Thomas, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of American Century Investments, began the Award presentation and welcomed Christina E. Thirkell and Peter Cieszko to the stage. Peter Cieszko, Chief Client Officer - Americas at American Century Investments, presented Emily Morrison with the Inspirational Contributor Award. Emily Morrison, Senior Private Client Associate, Bernstein Global Wealth Management is not only a cancer patient herself, but also the top international fundraiser for two charitable events, focusing on giving back to others affected by the disease. Morrison brought the crowds to their feet for a standing ovation as she stated her motto for philanthropy, “When you are feeling helpless....help someone.|

Christina Thirkell presented the Miracle Maker Leadership Award to Joshua Bekenstein, Managing Director, Bain Capital, LLC, for his commitment and dedication to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for the past two decades. Bekenstein helped the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to become the first hospital in New England to raise over $1 billion, through the Mission Possible campaign.

Northwestern Mutual received the Corporate Commitment Award. Northwestern Mutual recently launched the Childhood Cancer Program, a national, multi-year philanthropic investment to accelerate the search for a cure to childhood cancer and to support families facing the disease. John Kordsmeier, President, Northwestern Mutual Foundation accepted the award on the company's behalf and assured the crowd that Northwestern Mutual is just beginning their philanthropic efforts.

The Expect Miracles Awards concluded with the presentation of the James E. Stowers Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award for the first time since its inception in 2010. Awarded to Sy Holzer, President, PNC Bank, Pittsburgh for exemplifying cancer leadership, advocacy, and fundraising in every aspect of his life. This award was named in honor of James E. Stowers Jr., recognizing those in the financial community who have dedicated their lives to eradicating cancer. Holzer has provided long-standing leadership as Chairman of University of Pittsburgh’s Cancer Institute’s (UPCI) Council. Under his leadership, UPCI has raised approximately $248 million and he has personally contributed a quarter million, helping develop the country’s largest network of cancer centers. Holzer provided some heartfelt remarks asking the crowd to take a moment and remember those in their lives that have influenced them.

The Expect Miracles Awards program closed with Thirkell calling the crowd to action to help support the 5th Annual Expect Miracles Kids Golf Day, being brought to Fenway Park for the second year. The Foundation is inviting kids who have been impacted by cancer along with their families to historic Fenway Park for an unforgettable and fun-filled day of mini-golf, activities, and hope. If you did not have an opportunity to make a contribution, you can still do so today and help send a child impacted by cancer to this magical day.





Recognizes an individual at an executive or board level who has demonstrated long-standing personal leadership in cancer advocacy.


Recognizes an individual whose personal efforts helped to ensure the success of a cancer-related project, event, or fundraising initiative in 2011.


Recognizes a firm that has demonstrated an organizational commitment to the fight against cancer.


Named in honor of James E. Stowers Jr., this award recognizes those in the financial community who have dedicated their lives to eradicating cancer. This award is not given out annually, rather it is bestowed to individuals who stand out among the nominees and exemplify cancer leadership, advocacy, and fundraising in every aspect of their lives.

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