Expect Miracles Foundation is a leading advocate in the fight against cancer within the financial service industry. With a goal to expand its mission by supporting cancer programs and initiatives in communities on the West Coast, Expect Miracles Foundation was deeply moved by the newly expanded Art Therapy Program at the Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center (JJCCC) at Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach.

“Our Foundation continues to share the belief that there is a better way to fight cancer, that this war must be won sooner rather than later, and that this fight must be taken into our own hands,” says Frank Strauss, founder and chairman, Expect Miracles Foundation.

Art therapy uses the creative process of creating art to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of patients during an often stressful and emotional hospitalization. Children often have a hard time expressing their feelings and emotions of fear and pain. Miller Children’s uses art therapy to provide patients with a way to come to terms with emotional conflicts, increase self-awareness and express unspoken and often unconscious concerns about their illness and their lives. The patients are able to use the art as a creative outlet for their repressed emotions, confused feelings, wishes, and fantasies about their hospital experience that they are unable to verbally express.

Over the past two years, the Expect Miracles Foundation has presented more than $15,000 to the Art Therapy Program at Miller Children's through the Foundation's Expect Miracles West Coast Charity Golf Classic.

“The Foundation is overjoyed to have found such a unique program as the Art Therapy Program at Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center at Miller Children’s, because the program utilizes the creative, psychotherapeutic process of art-making to ameliorate physical and emotional pain and foster psychological growth in kids undergoing cancer treatment,” says Christina Thirkell, executive director, Expect Miracles Foundation.

“The Foundation recognizes that this process helps both patients and families to better cope with the illness through expression. This program also allows our Foundation to share with its donors and supporters the art work the children  so they can see the impact of their contribution. Expect Miracles Foundation showcases the children's work at its events and programs. At the 3rd Annual West Coast Charity Golf Classic, a piece of artwork was presented to me that was created by a pediatric patient at Miller Children’s. It is my most treasured possession.”

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